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Bernard H. BBQ Renew Testimonial

By BBQ Renew Posted April 27th, 2014

"I called and made an appointment for a consultation to replace a rusted out island bbq grill that I inherited from the previous home owner. I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth it for them to come since it looked like they focus on refurbishing older bbq grills from their website but the appointment was free so it didn't hurt to try. BBQ Renew came on time the next day and gave me a good price on a 32" 4 burner Summerset grill made of 304 stainless steel with installation. They also provide installation if I bought the grill myself which none of the other stores did (BBQ galore, BBQ grill outlet). I choose their grill given the quality and price compared to the quotes I got from the other places and what was available online. They also agree to throw in the cover for free as well which I read is a must to maintain your grill and prevent rusting. The installation required expanding the existing cut out length wise. (You can't get a smaller grill or it will fall through the cut out). Two of their installers came on time on a Friday which I took off and both the owners also came to supervise and make sure the prework to cut my island was measured correctly. Be warned that the cutting into the concrete and granite tile generated a lot of dust so if you are doing something similar make sure to move everything far away and have ready drop clothes to cover whatever you can (patio furniture etc). BBQ Renew helped me with this but I took it as my responsibility which was fine with me. Luckily I had some extra drop clothes laying around from past projects. The cutting itself was a lot of hard work and the whole process took close to 3 hours. The installation included trim work in the back and front where there was a gap because the previous grill was a little larger in those dimensions. They used quality stainless steel trim and the workmanship was great. Overall the grill looks like it was custom fit for the island and so I was very satisfied with their work. I had to hose down my backyard concert floor to clean up of all the dust that they could not vacuum up. But I was able to bbq that night. Thanks BBQ Renew!"

Bernard H., Lake Forest, CA

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